Customer Reviews


"I love the board I bought for a friend. The colours are stunning and I know she is going to be delighted with it!"  -  Ocil J

"Holly went above and beyond to create the most magical wedding gift for us to give to our friends. Photos of the board don't do justice to how beautiful it really is. All that have seen it have been blown away by it. The attention to detail and the engraving from their wedding reading reduced the couple to tears of joy. They cried and then we cried. It was such a special moment. Holly was so thoughtful that she created a little something for my husband and myself that she gave to us to have our own sweet memory from our friends wedding. We cant thank her enough."  - Cath A


"It's the best seller, I didn't know I needed"  -  Hair With TLC 

"Just got our first order and the cards look very good!" - Redwood Pharmacy