FAQ and T&C's

Minimum Order Quantity

For first time customers of Homemade Hollydays the minimum order value is £500. .Once customers have reached the £20,000 expenditure they will be placed automatically on 30 day net account providing they have completed a credit application form and have been approved by Homemade Hollydays.

Wholesale Pricing

All prices are listed in BRITISH POUNDS. All authorised retailers will receive 50% off the RRP, plus the cost of shipping. Trade clients (interior designers, architects etc.) will receive 20% off the RRP, plus the cost of shipping. Prices are subject to change without notice.

White Label

We do not currently sell white label.

Completion of Order

Please allow at least 10-14 days from the time of your order for completion of items. Larger orders may require more time; please contact me for information about availability.

Food Grade Resin

You will only find the safest resin across our Reads Resin Collection. Everything is made out of FOOD GRADE epoxy resin, please email us for the certification to be sent out with your order.